Our Player of the Week is the coolest Doge… Yes, that’s MysticDogeCorn, aka JustDoge! If you need a hand, or just want a new friend, chat with Doge! Thanks for hanging out with us, Doge!


Our Player of the Week is Pastel_Cookies, aka Pastel! Pastel is a new player on RanchNCraft, and we love her attitude on the server! We’re glad you found us, Pastel!

Christmas already!?!?

HOWDY! As you can probably tell, we are already gearing up for Christmas! Staff is hard at work decorating, planning, and building for all the Chrsitmasy events!  We hope you enjoy the Christmas effects on the website. Let us know what ya think in the comments below!...


We’re staring into the ABYSS of our Player of the Week feature with our friendly, encouraging, chatty pal CupcakeQueensSY! No better buddy during events, or just for a chit-chat. Thanks for sticking with us, Abyss!


We’d like y’all to say hey and congratulate our friend, Shandy2002, aka Snow, on Player of the Week! They’re a cool, very active, helpful player, and we’re so glad they’ve joined us!