Our Player of the Week is also our newest Guide – the Smelliest of Corns, MysticAlicorn! She’s always super friendly and ready to help on Discord, in-game chat, and so constantly active she seems to barely ever sleep! We love our Corn!

Horse Transfers & Updates

PLEASE CLICK READ MORE AND READ ALL OF THIS! As we get closer and closer to 3.0 launch we have decided to start the process on horse transfers and Buycraft updates. You will see an “Old RnC” tab. This is where all purchasable items will be for the server...

Debit/Credit Cards

RnC store is once again accepting Debit/Credit card transactions. PayPal has changed the button text to read “Create Account” instead of the normal “Guest Checkout” however if you click on “Create Account” it will take you to the normal guest checkout page that allows...


Our Player of the Week is one of the sweetest, jolliest fruits of all – our pal HollyJollyKiwi – also known as Kiwi! You can always see her online, helping anyone who needs it and throwing positivity everywhere!


This week’s player of the week is Wink1304 aka WinkMas! Wink has been such a sweet and friendly player on the server and we’re happy to have them! They’re always being kind in chat, spreading kindness and positive words. How sweet! Thanks for supporting the server,...