Our Player of the Week is MontinyLaur, also known as Laura and Kim on server! She is super active both in Discord and in game, a frequent name in chat and helpful to new and seasoned players alike! Laur used to be a Mod and that still shows in the way she helps...


Our Player of the Week is our adorable Panda, welshbridle! She’s a super active and very helpful TG, and is very sweet to everyone! pats the Panda


Time for our Big Anniversary Giveaway! Now, the last couple of years, we’ve given away 100/100 horses. This time, we’re giving away something even cooler (well, we think). You could be in with a chance to win a ZEBRA on RnC. There are several ways to...


Our Player of the Week is sadjpg, best known to all on server as Morgi! Morgi is a helpful, sweet person, always kind to everyone, and fun to hang out with! We love ya, Morgi!


Our Player of the Week is an incredibly active person, who we usually have to kind of shout at to go to bed, our very loved HaNotKyle aka Kyle! He’s always down to help out anytime you need it, and loves to joke around and host events in-game! We love you Kyle,...