Our Player of the Week is Rigby_ AKA Rigby! Rigby is a dedicated, brand new Guide who is probably the cutest duckie. Rigby’s always ready to help anyone and everyone, and is very patient and sweet!


Our Player of the Week is blxe_txwn, also known as Cix, who is very active in chat and likes to help other players, and participates in all kinds of events!


Our Player of the Week is StrykerLyker18, also known as Stryker! Stryker is an enthusiastic, fun person who’s super nice and loves to talk horse!


Our Player of the Week is ky_antoinette, also known as Ky! Ky is a newer player on RNC, but she’s quickly become a regular and fits right in! She’s quite chatty and super nice to everyone and we’re so glad she’s joined us!

April Fools

Happy fools day!!! How many ugh-ohs can you find throughout Ranch n Craft? Hope you enjoy the tricks just as much as we do!