TeaCub never has a harsh word for anyone, is always helpful and kind to everyone, and is active and energetic!

WANTED: 3.1 testers

3.1 is set to be finished VERY SOON and we are looking for people to help us test all its new features, past features that have been improved, and of course, bug and glitch fixes. Anyone can sign up! We encourage you all to take your time and be detailed. The more...


Our Player of the Week is SH_Myra aka Myra! Myra is an active, sweet, and helpful regular player who can be seen often answering newer player’s questions and helping anyone who needs it.

A lil’ note

Over the past month a lot of you have reached out to me about issues and concerns you have about Ranch n’ Craft. So many in fact, I decided to do this globally. It has been broken down into three parts; Lag, Staff, and family-friendly. I would like to touch base on...

Developing RnC!

Hey y’all! Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve got some good news headed your way! Recently we have been searching for a new developer for our custom plugin; Into The Saddle. This plugin is what makes RnC horses so unique, so finding a great developer...