Our Player of the Week is NotSoWimpy, a.k.a. Wimpy! Wimpy has become a very regular player on RNC and are always around, a very nice person to talk to in chat and seems to very much enjoy lending a helping hand if someone has a question! Thank you, Wimpy!


Our Player of the Week is Chubqito, a.k.a. Chubs! Chubs is newer to RNC but always active in chat and very cheerful and kind to everyone! We’re glad you’ve joined the community, Chubs! We hope you stay for a long, long time!

Sales and Feedback!

Wow! We have just closed our Staff Feedback and got 82 responses at final count! Thank you to everyone who left us feedback whether it was positive, or constructive criticisms, and we hope you will notice our staff improving on their various criticisms over the coming...


Our Player of the Week is DesiBane, a.k.a. Desi! Desi has gone from a very sweet, active, and helpful player to an absolutely amazing Guide whose contagious positive attitude never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces! Thank you Desi for all you do!


Our Player of the Week is Magnum1997, a.k.a. Magnum! Magnum is our incredibly talented and hard-working lead developer, who is super productive, prolific, and an amazing asset to the team, not to mention super, super fun to talk to, and always ready to help out!...