3.1 Set to launch 7-25-19

There’s quite a bit changing with 3.1. That being said, we feel it’s important to update you all on said changes.  Vets play a key role in 3.1. Most of the changes in this update pertains to the general health of your horses along with the way viruses...


BritishSummer, known best as Jordy – Server Owner, an amazing friend, hard-working, Handsome Jordo is constantly working to make RNC the amazing place it is (even while being held down by a certain Milo…)! We LOVE Jordo VERY much and are all incredibly...


Our Player of the Week is our favourite baked good, BurntBaguette aka Brenda or Bread! Bread is an amazing Guide with the passion for helping our new players find their footing on our server! She is also an awesome friend and can be relied on for a good laugh!


Our Player of the Week is KyleTriste, a.k.a. Kyle! A dedicated Guide, he has logged an insane amount of hours (even despite having no internet for a time), always down to help ANYONE who needs it, and is known to spot things the rest of us miss! Thank you so much for...


Our Player of the Week is thing1, a.k.a. Depresso! Depresso’s really active in chat, and fun to talk to! Thank you for being a long-time player, Depresso!