Our Player of the Week is _Snap_Back_Caps_ a.k.a. Snapples, an Assistant who is always active in chat and always helping newbies, guiding, and showing people how to do...

100 Player Attempt!

Hi Ranchers! Every so often, Staff are going to set the server a challenge. The challenge this time is to try and reach 100 players online all at the same time! Saturday 24th marks this attempt and we’re celebrating all day with games, events, competitions,...


Our Player of the Week is MagentheBurnt, a.k.a. Mag, a wonderful former staff member who has never become a stranger, and still always helps anyone who needs it, and who has never stopped being a lovelyMagentheBurnt, kind person!


Our Player of the Week is silver_hearted, better known in chat as Lore! Lore has never failed to be super helpful in chat, both to other players and to Guides when it gets busy, and is always very sweet, and knows how to make you smile! P.S. Thank you for the banners!...


Our Player of the Week is JammyC1993, better known as Jammy! Jammy is always helping out, fun to talk to and can always be seen lightening the mood on RNC!