Our Player of the Week is naiv_e, a.k.a. Anna! She’s a huge helping hand, and so sweet to everyone! No matter who you are, Anna is always willing to go out of her way to be kind to us and help out however she can.


Our Player of the Week is Arrowingz, who is very active and chatty, a kind player who never has a bad word to say, and has become a regular and loyal member of the server!

Ghost of Jammy

Winifred’s curse has been broken by four of you! Winifred may be gone but she released one of her ghost minions Jammy to haunt the land of RnC. Sarcasm, annoyance, fear, and disaster will follow in his wake!Defeat Jammy, and steal his soul! In exchange, you will be...


Our Player of the Week is MozaMoza8 a.k.a. Maleficent, a nice player who is actively helping and being sweet in chat! Loves to help anywhere she can, and is very involved with creating fun times on the server!


Our Player of the Week is MinecraftLolNL a.k.a. Wheelie, a sweet player who is always happy to help new players! They are active in chat and love to help anyone!