Oct 30 Updates

  Change log for 30 Oct 2019: RPG Items (heads) can no longer be placed, preventing loss of RPG items There is a new item for HorseRPG – Birth inducer, which causes a pregnant mare to give birth immediately. It can be found in the /horse shop Foal feed was...


Our Player of the Week is naiv_e, a.k.a. Anna! She’s a huge helping hand, and so sweet to everyone! No matter who you are, Anna is always willing to go out of her way to be kind to us and help out however she can.

Updates for Oct 23

Lunging no longer opens inventory Several registration bugs Now vets can treat horses leased to you Lease can now be canceled (by lessee) with /h cancel Fixed market buttons in market admin menu Stop player from taking fall damage while riding a horse We are aware...


Our Player of the Week is Arrowingz, who is very active and chatty, a kind player who never has a bad word to say, and has become a regular and loyal member of the server!

Ghost of Jammy

Winifred’s curse has been broken by four of you! Winifred may be gone but she released one of her ghost minions Jammy to haunt the land of RnC. Sarcasm, annoyance, fear, and disaster will follow in his wake!Defeat Jammy, and steal his soul! In exchange, you will be...