Our Player of the Week is angstalphabet, a.k.a. Angsty! Angsty is always super helpful when it comes to guiding new players; they are always seen in chat making people laugh, or making new players feel welcome to the server!!


Our Player of the Week is _hope_less_, a.k.a. Hope! Hope is always around in chat, answering questions, and she’s a joy to be around.


Howdy! Store is now open Please read all of the information provided to you here before you make a purchase.  The new store layout will be changing over the next few weeks. The current look is boring and basic. This was to get the store back up as quickly as...


Our Player of the Week is Zarnn_Northwind! Zarnn is a talented and kind person who we always enjoy chatting to and is a regular in our Discord. She’s definitely a gem!

Hotfix for horse market

If two players tried to buy a horse ? at the same time it could be duplicated. Now if a horse is being sold, you should get a message to refresh your market page, and if a player closes the market without clicking cancel or confirm, the sale is canceled.