LOTS o’ News!

We first would like to say a HUGE congrats to Luna & Jo for their promotions this month! We are so blessed to have these two on our ever-growing team! Luna is one of the “oldest” Ranch n’ Craft users who became staff long ago. She has stood by...


Our Player of the Week is drearylove, also known as Lynse! Lynse is a super fun person to hang out with! She is always down to help out, and helped decorate Ulvland for Halloween. Stay Llama-rific, Lynse!


Our Player of the Week is ArneKS, better known as Luna! Luna has always been a dedicated staff member, has been around since almost day one of RnC, and is always lovely to talk to! She does an amazing job as an Admin, helping all players, and is a star of a...


Our Player of the Week is TyshowUri, also known as Ty or Nexus! One of the Founders of RnC who is always super sweet, and willing to always lend a helping hand. Ty is a really fun whose vision help create RnC and the Ulvland Trails! She enjoys hosting trail rides and...


Our Player of the Week is LovemyLunacy, lovingly known in-game as Mim! Mim is an amazing player on RNC, who is both helpful and funny in chat. Mim’s a friend to all, and we love having her as a regular member of our server!