Our Player of the Week is InvalidAlicorn, better known as Ali! Ali is an amazing Guide, always there to help out whoever needs it! She is also beyond hilarious to be around! We love our Smelly Corn! 😉


Our Player of the Week is ForeverCinn also known as Cinn! Cinn is a super sweet Vet and Guide! She’s always seen helping newbies and chatting with players, always active and ready to take on multiple newbies at once (even when she really doesn’t have to,...


Our Player of the Week is SnCynergy, better known as Syn. Syn is really kind and an absolute delight to be around. They are also a helpful player with a lot of time on the server. We hope you stay around Syn!

New Bank Plugin

Hey Ranchers! As you know, we mentioned the removal of the ATM plugin awhile back, and there is a reason for doing so. ATM will be removed by Monday, July 13th, and the new banking plugin will go live early on the morning of Monday the 13th, EST. To ensure that your...


Our Player of the Week is ElleLikeL, also known as Elle! An active and friendly player, you can always see her in events, being active in chat, and an enjoyable person to talk to! She’s also seen being super helpful and fun to be around! Thanks Elle, we’re...