Hey ya’ll! We’ve got lots of exciting news about everything going on recently, and in case you’ve missed it, you’re gonna want to hear this!

First thing’s first…we have a release date for 3.0! Woohoo! And it’s very soon…but that’s all we’re going to tell you. Soon. As you know in the 3.0 world we will all be getting a fresh start, however, we are allowing everyone to have one single chest of item’s transferred over to start with. To do this you’ll need to pay a visit to /warp rncchests on the server and apply for your chest by following the instructions in the written book you’ll find there. Items you are allowed to move are restricted so please read here before you apply and fill a chest!

In other news, we have decided to add a little extra fun to everyone’s days during the Christmas season! You can visit the Christmas tree at spawn to find and loot a new prize-chest each day, just like an Advent calendar countdown! Who knows what fun collection you might get out of them.

We’re also excited to give you an update on Ranch n Craft’s custom resource pack! As you may or may not have heard, we’ve had this resource pack in the works for quite awhile because we want to make sure it’s the best it can be for ya’ll! Scamp and Pumpkin have been working incredibly hard at this and it will be yours in no time!

Lastly, we’re happy to inform you that our donation store is currently %15 off everything except ranks, items in the gifting category, and HDB tokens. And we’re even more excited to tell you we’ll be holding a bigger sale starting on the 15th of December until the 31st! This sale will be at %25 off, just in time to help save that Christmas money! We also want to remind ya’ll that we’re still offering 50% off your next purchase if you gift something to a friend!

That’s all for now!