There’s quite a bit changing with 3.1. That being said, we feel it’s important to update you all on said changes. 

Vets play a key role in 3.1. Most of the changes in this update pertains to the general health of your horses along with the way viruses and injuries work. There’s quite a bit here so I’m going to try to break it down piece by piece. 

Injuries, in the last update were obtained by horses performing certain tasks, such as walking, jumping, running, groundwork, etc. Every time said tasks were done, your horse would ”roll the dice” so to speak, if the dice landed on 32, your horse got whichever injury the plugin randomly choose. 

However, in 3.1 the same concept is applied but with more control. Now, we are able to specify what tasks should affect the horse per injury, along with controlling the percentage the dice will roll on that injuries number. For example, Bogspavin currently, in 3.0, has a 100% chance of injuring your horse if your dice lands on 32 and the plugin choose Bogspavin. In 3.1, that can only happen if your horse is performing a task that is specified in the config. Furthermore, if that dice number 32 does come up, we can now specify a percentage chance of your horse getting injured. Bogspavin is currently set to 0.05% chance.

Some injuries will make your horses unusable for a set amount of time. The longest wait time being 4 hours, with most being 60 minutes or less. You can find a list of all injuries below.

Bog Spavin, Condylar Fracture, Quarter Crack, Slab Fracture, Suspensory ligament fracture, Joint Effusion, & Simple Cut.

Viruses, they work exactly like injuries with a tad bit more. All the data from above that address the chance rates are exactly the same. The only difference is vaccine checks. It will check to see if your horse is vaccinated, if so, it knows to ignore your horse and move on. Horses with viruses will become unusable. Some for long periods of time, so it’s wise to keep your horses vaccinations up to date! 

The other change is contagious radius’s. If your horse has a virus that is contagious, it will now pass it along to any horse it comes in contact with. So sick horses, will need to be contained away from other horses. MOST viruses have vaccinations, however, some do not. For more information on that, ask a vet in 3.1 or a Lead Vet (Kyle, Claire, Pixel, or Trev) before release.

Like injuries, Viruss’s also make your horse unuseable. Since the majority of viruses are preventable with vaccines, the unuseable times on these are set much higher, most being 4 hours. HOWEVER, your horse will remain contagious for much longer. Which results in you not being able to have your horse with any other unvaccinated horses or it will pass it along. A list of the current viruses can be found below. 

Equine Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis/ Herpes, Potomac Horse Fever

Equine Infectious Anemia Virus, West Nile Virus, Equine Rabies, Equine Encephalomyelitis, Colic, Choke, and Anaplasmosis.

Continuing on with both topics mentioned above, we are also now able to add/remove viruses and  injuries. Lead Vets, with the help of vets, and sometimes vet students, plan on releasing new ones. Be sure to give us some ideas on the forums, we would love to hear what you can come up with. 

Vaccines are now $8,000 for all vacs but now last for 30 days. 

Vets are charged $5,000 for mis-diagnosing horses.

Groundwork leveling has been changed. Instead of it counting blocks traveled it is now done with time spent leveling. 1 second of lungeing equals 1xp. 

Why the change? Well, control. We are now able to control all aspects and tweak things as needed. Allowing us to change things up if we feel as though something isn’t quite right.

Bred mares will not give birth right away. Instead, your foal will be “in its mother’s womb” for  three days. No worries, in three days, it shows up in your /h list and you may continue as you normally would.

New foods have been added to your horse’s diet. If you are using our texture pack, you will see the items differently however, the technical minecraft items in-game that are now approved as horse foods can be seen below. In addition, the amount of energy with foods have also been adjusted. You can see those below as well. The number beside the food are percentages. Your horses do require to be fed! 

Food Types:

    WHEAT: 4

    CARROT: 4

    SUGAR: 2

    APPLE: 5


    HAY_BLOCK: 36





Revives are now (3.1 release) also a donation item. You can still pay in game for revives, as you normally would. We just added the option to those who would rather pay with real world cash over in game money.

Vet’s themselves have been changed. Anyone can become a vet but are required to take classes and graduate. We have already begun this process and Vet students are taking their final exams. We will all be ready for the 3.1 launch. Vet fees have also changed. We will touch more on this later. 

You will have a few ways to find a vet, most are already in game in 3.0. You may punch the vet button in Vet Clinic or use the new Vet appointment system.

The vet appointment system is easy to use and should be used for non emergency situations. Using this option saves you money! Instead of paying $75 vet fees on top of the normal vet costs, you will only need to pay $50 for waiting.

How it works: While in game, if you want to set an appointment simply type /va make ign horsename reason and wait for the next available vet to help. Vets will get notifications of waiting appointments and take them in order they are received and users online. So for example, If Jordo made an appointment before Trev and vet comes on while Jordo is offline, Trev moves to the top of the list.  

Happiness being added to horses. Feeding, riding, or walking your horses will gain happiness. It works similar to energy. When you ride, lunge, or walk your horses, you will gain 1% happiness for every 5 minutes spent with your horse. Feeding your horses will also level happiness. Each food has different amounts depending on the type of food it’s eating.

Feeding has changed a bit, as in it’s now working with some changes. You should be feeding daily to keep your horses happiness up. However, as the days pass your horses happiness will start to diminish. After 4 days it will be unhappy. After 14 days no feeding your horses will lose all its energy and begin to start losing levels on stats. After 30 days of no feeding, DEATH!

Lockable stats once again! You are now able to lock your horses stats while leveling. Which is extremely handy when you want to compete at certain division levels. Tailoring your horse just the way you like. Simply, /h pause <stat> <horsename>. To get back to leveling, all you need to do is,  /h unpause <stat> <horsename>

Leaderboards are back for those of you who strive to be the best! It’s as easy as /h top, A GUI will pop up, select the stat you want to see and BAM!

All boosters, both global and personal are working as intended once again. No changes in the way they work.

Horseshoe drop chance on cleaning manure has been increased by .05% It also is no longer a concrete block. It is a brown floating block that you still click on to clean up. You have 0.36 percent chance of gaining 5 horseshoes everytime you pick up manure.

Did you ever wish you could pick the horse or foal with the coat of your dreams and pair it up with the trait you have always wanted? And if thats not enough, what if you could choose the sex of them, and even the type of coat variation? Well, now you can. We call it ,“Egg Builder”.

A few different types of “Horse Creator tokens” will become available a few days AFTER 3.1 release. 

  1. Normal Coat Egg Builder Token: This will allow you to pick the type (horse or foal), breed, sex (Mare, Stallion, or gelding) trait (any NON-MYTHICAL), style (none, white, whitefield,white dots, or blackdots), & color (NON-RARE coat color).  
  2. Rare Coat Egg Builder Token: This will allow you to pick the type (horse or foal), breed, sex (Mare, Stallion, or gelding) trait (any NON-MYTHICAL), style (none, white, whitefield,white dots, or blackdots), & color. 
  3. Mythical Egg Builder Token: This will allow you to pick the type (horse or foal), breed, sex (Mare, Stallion, or gelding) trait (ANY), style (none, white, whitefield,white dots, or blackdots), & color.  

New developer! Ok not really, but kinda, Maurice has decided to come on as a RnC developer. His main focus is maintaining and changing any/all horserpg plugin related issues. He is also responsible for all the upcoming patches that we have planned! That’s right, we’re just getting started! 

We are extremely grateful to have him here and can’t wait to keep him busy! Be sure to give him another warm welcome and thank you! He’s worked tirelessly to bring us all a plugin we can all love! Saddle up, hop on your favorite horse, and enjoy the ride!