Over the past month a lot of you have reached out to me about issues and concerns you have about Ranch n’ Craft. So many in fact, I decided to do this globally.

It has been broken down into three parts; Lag, Staff, and family-friendly. I would like to touch base on each of these topics and I hope you all take the time to read this in its entirety.

Lag: Upper staff have been aware of the lag for awhile. Some of you may think that we ignore it or simply, don’t care. While it may seem that way, the truth is, we discuss it regularly and are doing what we can to improve it.

We are aware that it affects the user experience and makes it that some don’t even want to log in because of it; We are actively working and searching for the best fix. The new developer and even Maruf were investigating just yesterday. Please know, we do care and we are doing the best we can to get our user experience where it should be.

Staff: Some of you feel as though staff are snarky, rude, and/or other adjectives to other players. I would like to begin this by saying the rule is and always has been “if it doesn’t involve you and the people involved didn’t report it, stay out of it.” What May appear rude to you may be an inside joke to another. Example: Jordo: “Trev, you imbecile, it’s this command” (an actual NORMAL conversation for Jordo and I ) Trev: “oh”. I take no offense to it at all, this is how Jordo and I communicate, poke fun, and show each other we care. What may not seem “normal” to others is how some people carry on and show they care. Perception has many faces. If unsure, ask.

If you feel that a staff member is being rude to you directly then by all means, please speak to someone higher up (any rank really) who you feel comfortable speaking with and they can speak with someone they are confident and comfortable with speaking higher up so on and so forth.

In some examples, staff joking got taken seriously and online, this can be a HUGE problem. We can’t see a smile or a smirk across the keyboard. So when talking with one another, we need to be mindful of that on both sides of the conversation.

Family-Friendly: I saved this one for last because it’s a subject that comes up time and time again. I would like to start off by saying we started in America and ended up everywhere. What does that mean exactly? Well, for example, “crap”. In the United States it is another word for poop and the appropriate term for “sh!+”. Meanwhile in the Uk, a child got slapped by their mother for saying that exact word. It isn’t appropriate and considered a curse. So we need to be mindful to those other places we have reached and not just our “homelands”.

If we censor every word that each country feels offensive we wouldn’t even be able to say poop let alone have it in a plugin. I have never seen any staff as of recently using anything other than family friendly while in game. In fact, I have heard and seen worse in some kid shows. We do our best to ensure that the server stays family friendly while trying to maintain a open mind to everyone and where they come from.

What if we stopped for a minute, and took a look at where we come from, and then where the person on the other end comes? Would we read that same sentence or sentences the same? What if we change our perception not once but a few times and re-read what we put down, or just read from another? How would things change? Could you have looked or read wrong? Was the definition the same there as it is here? What if we dropped our guards? And reached out and asked how something was meant? I think, we would end up having a server that was just being read and perceived completely wrong.