Congratulations to Zenpho on POTW! Zen is currently a mod and a vet on the server! Zen can be seen in chat always being super helpful to players and always being super sweet to everyone. She is also a fun player to be around. Thank you for being so helpful!


Congratulations to PerfectlyStay on POTW! Stay is currently a Vet and a Volunteer on the server! She can always be seen as super helpful. She can also be seen always being super sweet and considerate towards everyone on the server! Thank you for being so...


Congratulations to Aly on Player of the Week! Aly can be seen always contributing to rnc! They are always super nice to everyone in chat as well, always making fun conversations with everyone! Thank you for being such a team player!


Congratulations to Jordan on Player of the Week! Jordan is currently a super sweet player on the server! Jordan can always be seen giving money away for free to anyone who needs it. As well as they always help newbies who are getting started by assisting them however...


Howdy everyone, just a quick update! As you may already know one of our amazing admins, Calla, has stepped down. I hope y’all would join us in expressing our gratitude for her hard work and dedication. She has been an invaluable part of our staffing team and we...