New Years updates

Happy New Year friends! We hope the holidays were good to you. If not… well you’re not alone. Among other things my computer acted up and I had to erase it and re-install everything. Luckily it was after Christmas updates. ^_^ Without further to-do: Last...

Horse Stats

Just a small update today. Horse levels have been slightly off for a couple weeks. They should be back where they are supposed to be. Hope you all have a wonderful winter holiday!

Updates for Dec 15, 2019

A lot has been going on behind the scenes and while not much has visabily changed we are working to bring more features to our custom horse plugin. We have moved from having our store hosted by a third party to connecting it directly to our website and running it...

Hotfix for horse market

If two players tried to buy a horse 🐴 at the same time it could be duplicated. Now if a horse is being sold, you should get a message to refresh your market page, and if a player closes the market without clicking cancel or confirm, the sale is canceled.

04 Nov 2019 Update

Hi all I know this is not the usual update time but I will be unavailable much of this week so I wanted to leave you with something. We have a number of bug / security fixes for HorseRPG. Most of this will only been seen by admins but for you it includes a function...