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Breed: Forest Pony
Adult – Mare

Trait: Bad Learner (-20% Skill XP Gain)

Zesty is a 13.3 hands high, chestnut sooty mare. She’ll be your best friend forever if you give her a special treat, but she is your typical moody mare.


Breed: Hanoverian
Adult – Mare

Trait: Bad Learner (-20% Skill XP Gain)

Nevada is a 16.2 hands high, grey sooty mare. She would make a perfect pasture pal for your other horses, but isn’t focused on her training.


Breed: Thoroughbred
Adult – Stallion

Trait: Lazy (+30% Energy Usage)

Jupiter is a 17 hands high, pure black stallion. This handsome horse is definitely one to keep your eye on, you’ll be seeing him in the show circuit before you know it!

Bean Soup

Breed: Thoroughbred
Adult – Stallion

Trait: Bad Student (-20% Skill XP Gain)

Bean Soup is a 16.1 hands high light bay dappled stallion. He’s a bit of a slow learner but he’s got the makings of a nice trail or pleasure horse!


What we do

Our Services

Rescueing Horses

Each horse that comes to Willow Creek is kept until they find their new furever home. Horses are checked by vets, vaccinated, and trained while they stay with us.

Trail Rides

Willow Creek is blessed to have miles of trails behind their facility. Trails are maintained and are fun for everyone! They are free to ride; We will accept donations from those willing!

Event Rentals

Willow Creek is also known for having the RnC Grand Champs arena as well as many others arenas that are able to be rented out for a donation. Please click the image for more info!


Auction sickness is a frightening thing. Every time you buy or sell a horse he or she has a chance of getting auction sickness. This can affect an entire barn. Rent one of our safe stalls for 7 days to ensure your new loved one doesn’t bring something home they shouldn’t!


Horse Adoption Notes

Adopting VS BUying

Adopting a horse is all about heart, soul, compassion, and instinct. It is your statement to the world that love rules your life – Namely, the love of a horse who needed love, care, and a place to belong. Adopting is about entering a world where life is better, because you bettered the life of a horse without a home. In return, that horse will enrich your life with a love and companionship that is like no other. Buying a horse might do the same in some ways, but here’s the main difference: In adopting, you are not searching for a pedigree, or a bloodline, or a pretty coat. In adopting, you are searching for the deepest ocean of love and trust within the heart, soul, and eyes of a loving, grateful horse.

Adoption Records

We keep amazing documents of all out horses. We also try and keep in contact with owners so that we can even keep their name changes updated!

See How to Find the Perfect Pet

When visiting the Willow Creek Rescue, you’re sure to find the perfect horse for whatever your heart desires. Whether you’re looking for a hearty work-horse or a clever companion, these horses are for everyone. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, your horse will choose you! A horse doesn’t care how much you know until it knows how much you care. Put your hand on a horse, and your heart in your hand, here at Willow Creek Rescue.

Donation Records

All donations and spending costs are documented to ensure money is going where it says it’s going!