Our Player of the Week is StrykerLyker18, also known as Stryker! Stryker is an enthusiastic, fun person who’s super nice and loves to talk horse!


Our Player of the Week is ky_antoinette, also known as Ky! Ky is a newer player on RNC, but she’s quickly become a regular and fits right in! She’s quite chatty and super nice to everyone and we’re so glad she’s joined us!


Our PAIN of the week is Callalitha! With her constant hexing and witchy voo-doo, she has caused a bunch of ruckus throughout RnC history.


Our Player of the Week is ThePaintedDesert, a.k.a. Brenda – our very own Bread! Brenda is a very helpful staff member who enjoys joking around and hosting some killer events!


Our Player of the Week is Jam, a.k.a. Dawnbadawn! She’s very active in chat, is very helpful and kind, and loves to joke around!


Our Player of the Week is MontinyLaur, also known as Laura and Kim on server! She is super active both in Discord and in game, a frequent name in chat and helpful to new and seasoned players alike! Laur used to be a Mod and that still shows in the way she helps...