Congratulations to Aly on Player of the Week! Aly can be seen always contributing to rnc! They are always super nice to everyone in chat as well, always making fun conversations with everyone! Thank you for being such a team player!


Congratulations to Jordan on Player of the Week! Jordan is currently a super sweet player on the server! Jordan can always be seen giving money away for free to anyone who needs it. As well as they always help newbies who are getting started by assisting them however...


Congratulations to Mr Dirt on Player of the Week! Dirt is an awesome player on the server! They can be seen always making everyone feel welcome in chat by sparking conversation. They are also always joining events to support hosts no matter what! Thank you for being...


Congratulations to StubbornByte on Player of the Week! StubbornByte is currently a great friend to all on the server! They are always active in chat and there for anyone who needs it! They always make you feel like you can talk to them about anything! Thank you for...


This week’s POTW is Flounder, aka itsawhisk! Flounder is always kind to others in chat, helps out with questions and new players, and is such a sweet & active member of our community. Thanks for being so great, Flounder!


Our Player of the Week this week is horseygirl4fun, better know as Horsey. Horsey is so sweet and such a dedicated part of our community! She has been a huge supporter of RnC lately and we are so thankful for all her generosity.