Our Player of the Week is MozaMoza8 a.k.a. Maleficent, a nice player who is actively helping and being sweet in chat! Loves to help anywhere she can, and is very involved with creating fun times on the server!


Our Player of the Week is MinecraftLolNL a.k.a. Wheelie, a sweet player who is always happy to help new players! They are active in chat and love to help anyone!


Our Player of the Week is Abyssal_Eclipse, a.k.a. Abyss, a regular and dedicated player we can always count on to lend a hand when needed. They’re friendly to new players and always helping to make the server a better place!


Our Player of the Week is Weylin92 a.k.a. Linda, an active and sweet player who is very nice to be around! She is always in chat to help around, always welcoming new players, or welcoming back regular players!...


Our Player of the Week is Prideapple, a sweet player who’s been around for quite some time, who constantly helps other players, and is just a joy to have on...


Our Player of the Week is snowpheobe a.k.a. snow, who’s recently returned from a long break and is very friendly to everyone in chat!...