“Our Player of the Week is Kweesyy! Kweesy has been a long time, loyal player who is wonderfully friendly and great in our community! With over three years playtime on RNC, we are so happy to have Kweesy with us! Thank you for stickin’ with us all this time,...


Our Player of the Week is EquineBlu, AKA Blu! Blu is a kind and helpful person who is active and very friendly in chat! They offer help to anyone who needs it and can always be counted on to brighten our day!


Our Player of the Week is ShiningSolo, known on the server as Siren! Siren works tirelessly to help everyone on the server, does a giant amount of work behind the scenes, working on Gemronimo like a champ, and is an amazing friend and sweet person overall. We’re...


Our Player of the Week is remloves, AKA Rem! Rem is a super sweet Guide who is always willing to help out players, new and seasoned! She is very kind and dedicates a lot of time to the server!


Our Player of the Week is bangtans_wifeu, AKA BTS_Purple! They’re a sweet, patient player who helps others and is a very pleasant person to chat with on the server!


Our Player of the Week is TinyHumanChaser, AKA Kaity! Kaity’s an active player willing to help out all players in chat and goes out of her way to do so! Well done Gnat, well done!