This week’s POTW is Flounder, aka itsawhisk! Flounder is always kind to others in chat, helps out with questions and new players, and is such a sweet & active member of our community. Thanks for being so great, Flounder!


Our Player of the Week this week is horseygirl4fun, better know as Horsey. Horsey is so sweet and such a dedicated part of our community! She has been a huge supporter of RnC lately and we are so thankful for all her generosity.


This weeks Player of the Week is JammyC1993, better known as Jammy. Jammy does a lot for our server, he has done a lot of our quests, and he fixed the vote crates. We are so lucky to have you Jammy and we hope you stick around for a long, long time.


Our Player of the Week is Efigenia, also known as Efigenia or Efi! Efi is a wonderful player who always helps out both new players and regular players in chat whenever she can! Thank you for helping out and bringing us your best, Efi!


Our Player of the Week is char_meleon, also known as Char! Char is kind to all and hosts amazing events! She’s always willing to help people out, and is such a sweet person; very supportive and always active! She enjoys cheering people up and we’re proud...


This weeks POTW is Luna! Luna is an active Admin who can always be seen online helping both users and staff. We don’t know what we would do without her and we sure do love her. Be sure to say “thank you” and/or “go to bed” when you see her in game!