Chat Rules:


These rules pertain to public and private chats both in game on RnC or on any affiliated Discord servers.

  • Do not start or facilitate arguments or drama with other users or speak to others in a disrespectful manner.
    If you are having an issue with someone, please privately message a staff member or visit the #ranch-n-help channel on our Discord. This rule applies to global and private chats. If staff receive screenshots from someone of a private chat breaking this rule, we will handle it as if the situation were done in global chat.


  • Be family friendly.

    RnC is a family-friendly server meaning that it is a safe environment for users of all ages. Do not curse in chat or in signs/books, discuss inappropriate topics, use inappropriate nicknames, or build inappropriate structures. This rule applies to both global and private chats. If staff receive screenshots from someone of a private chat breaking this rule, we will handle it as if the situation were done in global chat.


  • Do not request or share personal information.

    This includes account details, personal links, social media, addresses, phone numbers, etc.


  • No cursing.
    We are a family friendly server and require you to refrain from the use of curse words. Be mindful that we have players from all over the world, so a word that you might not consider a curse word may be considered one to someone else. It is not possible for us to filter every possible swear word so if you are ever unsure, privately message a staff member to ask for clarification before using it in global chat.


  • Avoid the use of excessive capital letters or caps lock.

    While the use of capital letters in itself is not an issue, we ask that you do not use them excessively as it can become spammy. 

    For example: 
    While this one is NOT.


  • No spamming

    Spam includes but is not limited to: repeated characters, ‘keysmash’ (random characters), text arrows/unnecessary special characters, repeated messages within one page of chat, repeated /tpa requests, and relog messages.


  • No links.

    Do not post links into in-game chat or on Discord. The only acceptable links are those directly affiliated with RnC (ex. Server website, forums/documents shared by staff in info channels).



  • No advertising other servers on RnC, or advertising RnC on other servers.

     This includes saying the name or ips of another server in conversation. Do not advertise RnC on other servers, we do not want to attract users in an unfair or wrong way.


  • Do not ask for ranks, money, items, etc.

    You may ask other players for help but do not continuously ask for free things.



  • English only in global chats.

    We are a primarily English-speaking server and ask that you only use English in global chats as staff are not able to moderate what is being said in other languages and tell if someone is requesting help, etc.


  • Do not debate or joke about sensitive/potentially offensive topics.

    This includes but is not limited to race/religion/politics/LGBT+/etc. We accept everyone as they are, and expect the same from our users. If a discussion gets out of hand, a staff member will deal with it accordingly.


  • Be patient.
    We understand that you may need assistance from staff at some points, but ask that you be patient when requesting help as our staff members may be busy with other server work. Our staff members also have their own personal responsibilities outside of RnC and are therefore not always going to be available. If you need to request assistance from a staff member and there is none online that are available, use the #ranch-n-help channel in our Discord or submit a help ticket.