Hey ya’ll! The holiday season is upon us and this year we are trying something new!

With the release of our new loyalty system and rewards system, we have the ability to create unique prize systems such as this one; Christmas Countdown!

Starting today (Dec 14th) until Christmas Day (Dec 25th) you will be able to collect points every day simply by checking in! This means all you have to do is log in to the website, or visit it while you’re logged in, and you will receive 5 points for checking in. You must be logged in for it to count your visit.

For every 5 points you earn, you will unlock a Christmas Gift! Christmas Gifts are bundles of various items. Gifts such as horse feed, horse equipment, custom enchanted tools, mob spawn eggs, and other fun surprises! You could also collect a booster, horse slot, and discount code all for free! In addition, you receive 1 Christmas themed decorative head in each gift!

Please note with the way that points are given, they are collected towards a tier-type reward system. There are 12 tiers, one for each day you are able to check-in! This means that if you miss one day of check-in, you will not be able to claim the 12th gift. If you miss two days of check-in, you won’t be able to claim the 12th gift or the 11th gift, and so on. So if you want to be able to claim all the rewards, make sure to check in every day!

Coupons can be found in your email. If you don’t receive an email, you can also find your coupon code on the “My Account and Rewards” page. Each coupon is valid for 7 days after it’s recieved. This means you have up to 1 week after you recieve your coupon to be able to go in and collect your gift.

Collecting Christmas Gifts

After you check-in, you will receive an email from Ranch n Craft! Open up the email and you will see your coupon code, as well as the gift you have unlocked. Gifts are numbered from 1-12 both in the emails and in the “Rewards” category you see below. So if you receive a coupon for Gift 1, you would go into the rewards category, find “Christmas Gift 1”, add it to your cart, apply the coupon code to receive 100% off, and then checkout!

Yes, we are aware the price is set high. No, you do not pay anything for these gifts if you use the coupon codes sent to you. Mainly the prices are set so that no one without the coupon purchases the gifts, making them exclusive to participating users. (And to avoid pesty scammers.)

Do not share your coupon code with anyone. We are able to see who recieves what coupon, as well as who uses said coupon, so we will be notified if this happens. In such a case, consequences could result in up to a permanent ban for both yourself and the person who used your code. Just don’t do it. That’s not very holly jolly.

please note: this is brand new to me and there could be errors. if you encounter any issues with the Christmas Countdown event, have any questions or concerns, please privately message me (Siren/ShiningSolo) on Discord. tag is: Veronica#5201. happy holidays!