Hey y’all! Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve got some good news headed your way! Recently we have been searching for a new developer for our custom plugin; Into The Saddle. This plugin is what makes RnC horses so unique, so finding a great developer has been a long task.
Unfortunately, JustSavvy had to leave us, so we’ve now gone with MrMaurice AKA JustAnotherAcc. He’s applied both times we’ve requested a developer before, and he is dedicated to helping us become our best us!

I’m sure you will join us all in wishing MrMaurice good luck and welcome him to our server when you see him around.

We are also looking into ways to permanently fix the lag that our server suffers from. We are looking into a new Server Host, and will be testing it out shortly. Further, we are going to be testing if there are any plugins in particular that are contributing to lag. This may mean that the server is a bit wonky, but it will be rectified by summer and ready for play!

We know it is frustrating to play with the lag, and to play while we are working on testing things, but we really appreciate your patience and support over this time.