Here you can find the current developer’s logs. Updates, changes, new plugins, and more! This is your one-stop shop for everything developement wise.

Hotfix for horse market

  • If two players tried to buy a horse 🐴 at the same time it could be duplicated.
  • Now if a horse is being sold, you should get a message to refresh your market page, and if a player closes the market without clicking cancel or confirm, the sale is canceled.

04 Nov 2019 Update

Hi all I know this is not the usual update time but I will be unavailable much of this week so I wanted to leave you with something.

  • We have a number of bug / security fixes for HorseRPG. Most of this will only been seen by admins but for you it includes a function that if a horse is currently being purchased there is a message that you are not able to buy it. It is a dupe prevention feature.
  • Fixed a bug with registration tokens

The super exciting things I have been slaving over this week: Fixing the ShopChest update I posted last week. 😊

  • ShopChest will now tell you when a user was last seen if you do /shop info or use a stick on a Shop. (Handy way to get info without accidentally buying)

Oct 30 Updates


Change log for 30 Oct 2019:

  • RPG Items (heads) can no longer be placed, preventing loss of RPG items

  • There is a new item for HorseRPG – Birth inducer, which causes a pregnant mare to give birth immediately. It can be found in the /horse shop

  • Foal feed was missing from /horse shop

  • RPG Spawn eggs will No Longer Work if clicked on a chest, allowing you to put them in Shop Chests.

  • Speaking of Shop Chest – I found a way to automatically remove old shops, similar to Lockettes you need to click a shop with a stick (or /shop info). No more waiting for us to come unlock them for you. ^_^

  • And finally the update many of you have been waiting for – *drum roll* The new Groundwork leveling formula is now up!

Addendum :

  • Breeding cooldown reducer was missing from /horse shop

  • Vets can now diagnose, treat, and vaccinate a horse that is leased to you.

  • The Shopchest feature is not working quite as expected. Will work on the formula this week and hopefully bring that goodness to you very soon.

Updates for Oct 23

  • Lunging no longer opens inventory
  • Several registration bugs
  • Now vets can treat horses leased to you
  • Lease can now be canceled (by lessee) with /h cancel
  • Fixed market buttons in market admin menu
  • Stop player from taking fall damage while riding a horse

We are aware that groundwork is quite difficult to train. The formula is being reviewed and we have been testing different ones this week.