Here you can find the current developer’s logs. Updates, changes, new plugins, and more! This is your one-stop shop for everything developement wise.

Change log for January 16, 2020

As we speed towards Ranch ‘n Craft’s 5th anniversary (Wow!), there is not a lot to announce. There are only two updates this week, though we have been working hard to keep 3.2 development moving and improving RnC behind the scenes.

  • The horse market has been updated to fix the timer. Horses should stay listed for seven days before being returned to their owner.
  • Fixed the breeding kits from /horse shop

New Years updates

Happy New Year friends!

We hope the holidays were good to you. If not… well you’re not alone. Among other things my computer acted up and I had to erase it and re-install everything. Luckily it was after Christmas updates. ^_^ Without further to-do:

  • Last night we updated to fix the horse market; horses should no longer time out. I plan to fix the timer this week.
  • There was also an issue with some horse traits not behaving properly (ie. taking too much or too little energy). This is patched now.

Have fun and thanks for hanging out with us on Ranch n’ Craft! <3

Mele Kalikimaka

Merry Christmas everyone! Just a few changes going up tonight:

Change log for Dec 23, 2019:

  • Add christmas presents
  • Allow selling new friends on market
  • Market will automatically return unsold horses to the owner after 7 days Edit: feature removed for now.
  • ViaVersion updated to allow 1.15 clients to connect
  • As a reminder horse names have the same limitation as player names: Must be 3-16 characters. The plugin does not currently tell if you use an invalid name. That is planned for a future release.

Horse Stats

Just a small update today. Horse levels have been slightly off for a couple weeks. They should be back where they are supposed to be. Hope you all have a wonderful winter holiday!

Updates for Dec 15, 2019

A lot has been going on behind the scenes and while not much has visabily changed we are working to bring more features to our custom horse plugin.

We have moved from having our store hosted by a third party to connecting it directly to our website and running it ourselves. There have been some challenges but we are very excited to announce that Ranks are now available. To go along with the new store we have a new perk for ranks- additional horse slots.

Another exciting addition is a Holiday gift box. The exact contents are a surprise and it can not be opened until Dec 25th. You can find it on the donation store as well.

A couple other things from this update:

  • Leased horses are working normally again. You can lease, and lessee can spawn the horse.
  • /h boosters was giving an error – now you can see your currently active boosters.