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Event Day!

March 3, 2019

Hosted throughout the day, this assorted event day will compose of several different trivia games, broadcast says, four corners, a flat comp, and much more!
~Disney trivia with Mira
~Staff Trivia with Ali
~Name/coat with Mag
~Four corners with Jazz
~Red light, Green light with Kyle
~Player chosen trivia with Claire
~Steeplechase with Mira and Ali
~Tag, You’re Dead! with Mira and Kyle
~Flat comp with Ali
~Hide and go seek with Claire
~Mira says with Mira
~Flat comp with a twist with Ali
~Red light, Green light with Claire
~Song trivia with Mira
~Player chosen event with Ali
~Kyle Sucks game with Kyle
~Name/Coat comp with Saboo
~Broadcast says with Claire
~Four Corners with Ali
~House Building Comp with Mira
~Maze Trivia of DOOM with Kyle


March 3, 2019