Here is a calendar for our scheduled events! Check back here regularly for the different events we are hosting throughout the month. Times are in EST, so make sure y’all find a good converter so you don’t miss any of our classes, games, or shows!

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Guess The Build
Guess The Build
Jan 18 all-day
You may remember from the Christmas events “Guess The Build”, well, it’s back! But if you missed the Christmas events then it’s just as simple as the name states ๐Ÿ˜€
Flat Comp!
Flat Comp! @ Event Arena
Jan 19 all-day
Hosting a Flat Comp! It will be a fun and Eventful comp, with prizes! Come check it out!
An attempt at a flat race 2:00 pm
An attempt at a flat race
Jan 19 @ 2:00 pm
We’re gonna try to do a flat race, despite being kicked off every 2 seconds.
Player-Chosen Horse Event 7:30 pm
Player-Chosen Horse Event @ Event Arena
Jan 19 @ 7:30 pm
Players can choose and vote on an event of their choice! From name competitions to flat races, show jumping to steeplechase, you all get the final say in our event. 7:30 AM EST at the[...]
Hide and Seek! 8:30 pm
Hide and Seek! @ Spawn/ event arena
Jan 19 @ 8:30 pm โ€“ 9:30 pm
Hide and seek around spawn! This event should last the full hour! May be doing many rounds!
Trivia and Horse Events!
Trivia and Horse Events!
Jan 20 all-day
Hosted throught the day, this assorted event day will compose of several different trivia games, a flat competition, a steeplechase and pole bending! Check out what will be going on: ~Pole Bending will Claire ~An[...]
Horse Event! 1:00 pm
Horse Event!
Jan 20 @ 1:00 pm
Yours truly, Hope, is hosting a lovely horse event at event arena! Y’all will get to choose what we do.
Bucking Buckaroo’s!
Bucking Buckaroo’s!
Jan 21 all-day
A fun comp created by one of our own players! Sit on your horse and see how long it takes before you get kicked off! Last one on wins!
Skin Comp!
Skin Comp!
Jan 21 all-day
A fun skin comp with no theme! Looking at the “quality” of the skins and the overall design ๐Ÿ˜€
broadcast says! 11:00 am
broadcast says! @ Spawn
Jan 21 @ 11:00 am โ€“ 12:00 pm
A hour worth of Simon says… with a twist.
Player-chosen Horse Events 12:00 pm
Player-chosen Horse Events @ Event arena!
Jan 21 @ 12:00 pm โ€“ 2:00 pm
Player chosen horse events! 2 hours worth of fun horse events!
Void Parkour 3:00 pm
Void Parkour
Jan 21 @ 3:00 pm โ€“ 4:00 pm
Come join us for some fun parkour over the void from 3-4 PM EST! Mail/message me in-game (IGN is Floofsie) or on discord (Floofsie โ„ #7209) for more information! Hope to see you there ๐Ÿ˜€
Parkour 6:19 pm
Jan 21 @ 6:19 pm
My parkour has been undefeated for many months now, with me hosting it a minimum of 3 times in the past. Will you be the first one to conquer the beast? There’ll be a fabulous[...] Movie Night 9:00 pm Movie Night
Jan 21 @ 9:00 pm
Streaming a movie on for a fun movie night!
Simon says! 3:30 pm
Simon says! @ Spawn
Jan 22 @ 3:30 pm โ€“ 4:30 pm
A hour game of Simon says hosted by Claire! Doing three or more rounds! This event will go on for an hour+!
Hide and Seek 9:00 pm
Hide and Seek @ Spawn
Jan 22 @ 9:00 pm
we will be doing multiple rounds of hide and seek at spawn. This will be hosted by Tibby
Hide and Seek! 6:00 pm
Hide and Seek! @ Spawn
Jan 23 @ 6:00 pm โ€“ 7:00 pm
Hide and Seek at spawn! Hosted by Claire! This event will last the full hour and will have a few rounds!
Red light! Green light! 3:30 pm
Red light! Green light! @ Event arena!
Jan 24 @ 3:30 pm โ€“ 4:30 pm
A fun game of red light- green light! This will be on foot! This event will last the full hour!
Finish The Lyrics 6:00 pm
Finish The Lyrics
Jan 24 @ 6:00 pm โ€“ 8:00 pm
A fun chat game of finishing the lyrics from songs! Will be held somewhere between 6 and 8 depending on server activity.
Horse Trivia! 3:00 pm
Horse Trivia!
Jan 25 @ 3:00 pm โ€“ 3:30 pm
Trivia that is all about horses!There will be three different rounds, easy, medium, and hard! This event should last around 30mins
Horse race 9:00 pm
Horse race
Jan 26 @ 9:00 pm
Horse race at event arena! All stats allowed.
Event Day!
Event Day!
Jan 27 all-day
Hosted throughout the day, this assorted event day will compose of several different trivia games, a flat competition, four corners, and throwback Christmas Events! ~โ€How well do you know the staffโ€ trivia game with Mira[...]
Ice Floe Racing 8:00 pm
Ice Floe Racing
Jan 30 @ 8:00 pm โ€“ 9:00 pm
A sort of parkour-race throwback event from Christmasโ€”don’t worry, it’s not *that* parkour reliant…