As some of you may have already heard, our beloved Si is stepping down as owner. Owners+ have put together a collaboration of messages for her farewell. We hope to keep seeing you around and Ranch n’ Craft wouldn’t be what it is without you!

“ When I started Ranch n’ Craft I never thought it would get so personal. I always told myself that “business is business and personal is personal.” Somewhere, no, someone’s along the way changed that. As RnC grew, so did our staff; and I don’t mean just in numbers. When Siren, Little Si, as I call her, joined RnC I got to watch a shy little girl grow into a strong, independant, hard-working, caring, woman. Don’t forget your voice. Be heard.

Day in and day out, I talk to this person who I have never even met IRL yet, somehow, I care for more than I do some of my own family. You are one of the big parts of the reason why I now feel that business should sometimes be personal.

“Little Si”, something few may know the true meaning of. S for Siren and I for “I meaning me”. In other words, I called her a “little me”. Well, SIren, i’m here to tell you that you outgrew and outshine that nickname. In every form of the sense. You have amazed me in so many ways that I can’t even begin to put into words. You are someone to look up to; inspiring, and tenacious. The mark and imprint you left on Ranch n’ Craft is eternal and I for one, will NEVER forget you. Plus, I plan on blowing up your discord and spamming you with messages anyway so good luck.

I always like to give you all quotes; So, I first added one of my own, Don’t forget to believe in the voice in the back of your head; Even when everyone else doesn’t share or see the same vision. Then, I took some time and picked one that I feel will push you and inspire you to dig down, bite the bit, take the bull by the horn and LEAD the way to your own great success story.

“If she never told me it wouldn’t work; We wouldn’t have Ranch n’ Craft “ -Trev  (here’s another reminder Tyshow :p )

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” James Cameron “    – Trev

“ Siren you mean alot to me, I remember the first time you joined Ranch N Craft. You were always (and still are) such a sweet and caring person. We became fast friends and I always enjoyed our time together. You even went out of your way to make a drawing of Aly and I which still hangs on my fridge to this day!

You have helped us so much running Ranch N Craft and was always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed. I was so sad when I heard you were stepping down and I will miss you so much. I will cherish all the fun times we had together!

Good luck in the future! May the road you travel be stressless. I hope you will hold Rnc dear to your heart like I hold our time together. Don’t be a stranger you can message me whenever you wish! “ – Tyshow

“Where do you begin with trying to explain how much one person has influenced your life? There are no words to explain how much you mean to me, Siren. You’ve become a steadfast feature in my life ever since your first promotion from Youtuber to Mod. The skill you showed, your resilience, your determination, and your sense of what was right made you stand out to me. You truly are an asset to the server, and the rightful Queen of RnC.

Not only have you shown kindness, friendliness, and help to everyone who’s requested it, you’ve constantly shown all of us how much a person can grow. You’ve shown us how someone so integral to a business should behave, yet can still treat it like a joy to do.

I am so proud of the person you’ve become. Trev explained it brilliantly (who knew he’d be better with words than us? 😉 ), but you have truly become such a strong person in my eyes. The fact that you made this decision just intensifies that. You will always have a server full of us cheering you on, and I can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future.” – Jordan

Words From Siren
” Hey guys 🙂 I’d just like to say thank you all so much for helping to make my 3 years on Ranch n Craft some of the best. Being apart of the team here has helped me realize what my passions are and what I can aim to shape my future around in the coming years; business and helping people! I’m super excited to start a new journey but Ranch n Craft has been and will continue to be a community full of friends and family that I know I can count on to change a bad day into a good one. The decision to step down was extremely difficult but I know that the server will continue to bloom and grow and I could not be more proud of how far it’s come in such a short few years. I truly have grown and found myself throughout working here and it means so much to me; I’m incredibly grateful and appreciative towards all the people I’ve met, worked with, and learnt from at RnC. This will not be the last you see or hear from me, as I’ll still be joining off and on whenever I can. I’m also really happy to be remaining in my position until the 15th, and enjoy the anniversary celebrations with everyone regardless…and maybe add a few more “lost” zebras to my collection lol. Thank you all for an amazing 3 years! “

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