braysonn's ban appe...

braysonn's ban appeal  


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November 25, 2018 6:22 pm  
1. Who banned/muted you?: Jordy
2. What does the ban/muted say? "Spam-adveritsing another server."
3. What did you do to get banned/muted?: I did not think I was advertising a server on RNC as the ban says. 
4. What will you do in the future to stop said offense?: I will be a better person and have learned from my past and the ban, I will try to be the best player I can be and cause no trouble whatsoever
5. Just in case your name on the forum is not that same what is your Minecraft name and nickname?: braysonn
6. Any extra remarks? During this time, I owned a server and I felt they used the wrong way to ban me or show that I was banned, as all of the staff came on and told me to look at discord and try to join RnC. I have also appealed once before, to Siren in private message because I could not get signed up to the ban appeal. Also, I enjoyed playing on RnC and making new friends daily.

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November 26, 2018 8:59 am  

Hello, Braysonn.  The staff has discussed and voted on your appeal, and the decision is that you will not be unbanned from RNC.
Have a good day.


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