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02/02/2019 1:28 pm  
1. Who banned/muted you?: Jords
2. What does the ban/muted say? example: griefing etc: warnings for over more than 15 sheep
3. What did you do to get banned/muted?: more than 15 sheep
4. What will you do in the future to stop said offense?: I will get rid of my extra sheep and will only have 15 and no more than that:)
5. Just in case your name on the forum is not that same what is your Minecraft name and nickname?: Its just lulu22q
6. Any extra remarks? (Example: why we should unban you?) jords said my 1st warning was when they killed some of my sheep and i did notice some were gone but had no idea staff was behind it. then she said when u log in u get your warnings but i never noticed them cause i don't watch the chat when I first log In. Im sorry for my mistake and would really like to have a chance to fix my mistake. Thank you!

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