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29/03/2019 11:50 am  

1. Who banned/muted you?:

- On the forums it states that Jordy warned me for Consistently timing out after 10 minutes AFK then rejoining very quickly. Also using an alt to do the same. Any further instances of this will result in a jail! and i was jailed by Leo.
2. What does the ban/muted say? example: griefing etc:

-You have been jailed for abusing alt accounts and using them to bypass the afk kick, as well as using them to give advantages to one another.
3. What did you do to get banned/muted?:

-Was suspected of something that i didn't realise was suspicious. Logging in after getting kicked because i noticed i had left and re-joined.
4. What will you do in the future to stop said offense?: I will have explained the situation, and i will attempt to make sure events similar to this don't keep happening. And will not spend as much time afk in game.
5. Just in case your name on the forum is not that same what is your Minecraft name and nickname?:

- Angst_Livi
6. Any extra remarks? (Example: why we should unban you?)

- Because i had never received the warning and i have my own logs to state i never got so. And neither accounts are alts as they have been active extremely frequently at the same time in the past. Staff have also been in calls with us before being both active so they know there would be no possible way of neither mine nor my friends account being an alternate account to one another. We have both worked hard for our money and resources, and gift it to one another so we could not have used alts to give advantages to one another.


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30/03/2019 1:43 am  

Hello Vextis,

Thanks for appealing.  Staff has discussed and voted on your appeal, and we have decided that you will not be released, and must finish your block sentence.  
As to your warning:  That can be found freely on our website's ban page, along with any other past warnings, etc.

Have a lovely day.  -Calla


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