NCUBED3 banned

NCUBED3 banned  


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26/03/2019 11:37 pm  

I am not sure who on the staff team muted me at first, I am still learning names and the staff team of this server. I was then banned from the server by the bot for 3 days.

The reason I was muted was because I was asking to be sent into the jail and the staff asked me to stop and I did not listen so they muted me for three days. Then I went to my base and typed to my farmer by sign and was banned for talking through signs. 

I just wanted to tell them that they could build a room in my base and that they could sell everything they harvest from my farm. I was not trying to break the rules on purpose, just wanted to give them clarification on what to do because they asked me what to do.

I am very sorry for not resecting the staff and not listening to them the first time they told me to stop asking to be sent to the jail.

In the future I will fallow all rules and comply with what the staff have to say. I do not want to cause problems on the server at all.

I enjoy playing on the server with my friends and talking to them in group chats, I have off of work and school during the ban so it is super inconvient to be banned on the only days I can come on and enjoy the server.

My IGN name is NCUBED3 and my nick is NC

If anyone wants to talk to me I'm always free on discord NCUBED3#6969 I can give the staff a personal appoligy if they would like.

Thanks again NC 

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27/03/2019 5:48 pm  

Hello, NCUBED3.  Your appeal has been denied, I'm afraid.  This is a temporary ban.  You may return when it is finished.
For your future reference, you may find the information for who warned, muted, or banned you under our ban page, to be found under "Extras" on this website.  🙂
Please remember when you return that if you are muted, bypassing using signs or books & quills is not allowed.  Also, that if a staff member asks you to drop a topic or stop doing something, doing so will keep this from occurring again.  Thank you.

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