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smithy2015 jail appeal.  


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February 9, 2019 6:25 pm  

1. Who banned/muted you?: Mira

2. What does the ban/muted say? I was jailed as i made a 1x1 tower and haven't responded to warnings. (Not word for word as the chat has passed, sorry.)

3.What did you do to get banned/muted? I made a 1x1 tower in the nether, i fell off and then forgot to destroy it.

4.What will you do in the future to stop said offense? I will make sure to not make 1x1 towers, and if i do to get up to places, i will remember to go back and destroy them.

5. Just in case your name on the forum is not that same what is your Minecraft name and nickname?: smithy2015, smithykoala

6. Any extra remarks? I have only received one notice from Mira to not make any 1x1 towers, she did not say that i needed to go back and destroy it, i have been told that i have received a warning from Tibby also but I did not get a notification for this and did not know I had one. I apologise sincerely for not removing my tower, i had full intentions of doing so, however I only saw one warning, from Mira, which did not state i needed to find the tower and get rid of it and I did not know that I had received a warning before this. If i had, I'd have made sure to be extra careful. I'm sorry for leaving the tower/s, and I promise not to do it again, I'd appreciate it if someone can show me where any other towers I've made are, as i'm only aware of the one in the Nether that i fell off. I'm sorry, I think there has been some miscommunication along the line, as I had no clue of my warning from Tibby. I love Ranch and Craft and did not mean to cause any annoyance, me and RigbyDuck are on often and would never intend any harm.

Thanks, Smithy


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February 9, 2019 9:34 pm  

Hi Smithy, I am happy to say your appeal has been voted on and has been accepted. please contact a mod+ in game to get unjailed.


Have a great day, Tibby

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