Abi's Xmas Extravag...

Abi's Xmas Extravaganza  


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December 2, 2018 7:41 am  

Its finally december! Myself and Kweesy have been building, planning, and preparing from June for this insane Xmas Party! It will be bigger and better than last years was!

When is it?

22nd of December!


4pm (GMT-5/EST/ America)

9pm (GMT/ England)


At Abi and Kweesy's Xmas home!

How do I get there?

We hope to get a Fast Travel, but if not we will be accepting tp requests 10 minutes before starting time!

What is Happening?

First we will open the doors and people can have a festive wander around, shopping at our Xmas shop, the food shop, lotto stall, or ice skating or sledding! Then 20 minutes later the Treasure hunt will begin! This will run for 15 minutes before closing, where we will count coins and give out prizes and the Lottery winners will be picked. Then we will start the snow man building contest which will last for 10 minutes, then prizes will be given out. Then we will have a few horse games like Cross the Bridge, Name and Coat comp, and Abi Says! Finally, the party will finish with Fireworks and cookies for all! The Xmas shop will be open throughout, and if you aren't keen on an activity, you are welcome to continue sledding or ice skating!


Breeding kits, RPG spawn egg, Geld Kits, 40k, Spawn Eggs, Heads - We will be giving it all away!

How can I get involved?

There is no ticked price for the event but you are more than welcome to donate RPG items to be put on the donators list and get 20% off your purchase at the Xmas Shop. We need anything from Geld Kits, Xp Packs, Rpg Eggs, Breeding kits to Cash donations.


We need people to run the stalls and help out with events! Intrested? Mail AbiHorse or dm on Discord (AbiHorse#3233) You don't have to do it the entire time, any amount of help is welcome! Plus, you get to make a small wish list as a gift at the end!


Want more info? Mail me or Dm my Discord. I Hope to film the entire event and put a highlight reel up on my channel! (Abigail Pinehaven)


We hope to see you there, and if not, have a very merry Christmas!

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