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November 4, 2018 11:20 am  

I'm very late as well Tyshow don't feel bad. But hi everyone! In game I'm known as LeoLuminescense (Or just Leo for short :P) and I'm an Admin on the server and I am also the Manager of our online newspaper the Round Up. I joined on the 8th of January 2017, and have been a very steady player ever since.

I'm a pretty boring person in real life but I love all animals and I have two cats of my own- Leo and KitKat- Leo does lots of tricks and he's more like a dog in a cat's body. I also keep TONS of houseplants (I literally have over 20 in the house ranging from succulents to trees to exotic things and keep getting more, I think it's an obsession) and study herbalism, animal tracking , and the Cherokee language in my free time, and many other interests as well. ^-^ You can find me in game or on Discord, I don't bite so feel free to give me a shout!

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November 6, 2018 2:18 am  

Hey! I'm Siren, one of two Owners on Ranch n Craft. I've been playing RnC for over two years now since August 2016 and I've been trapped ever No, but seriously...I get fired every other day, they just can't get rid of me.  😆 My job on the server is to help manage our staff, and keep our players happy! I also participate as a manager for the RnC Newspaper "The RoundUp," the photographer manager, helping Trev with this website, and a Willow Creek Rescue & Rehab manager. 
It's safe to say I like to keep myself on my toes!

I live in Alberta, Canada. I'm studying business-related courses right now in high school and plan on taking Business Marketing classes in college later on 🙂 I'm a lil 16 years old, and my birthday is on January 27th so that may or may not have changed at the time you're reading this lol. I've got 4 dogs and a cat, who likes to jump up on my desk and roll around on my keyboard. 

I don't play other games very much because I lack the time between my other job in real life and online classes. When I do have time though I play Sims, a few indie horror/survival games, Alicia Online, etc. However, I love to play guitar, write songs or stories, sketch, photography, and play with makeup & hair!

If you see me on the server, say hello! I'm always happy to talk to you guys  😊  😊 

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November 13, 2018 5:55 pm  

Heyoo, Im Meghan, known as foxalis ingame, or my current name foxmas. Im from Ohio and I'll be 18 this weekend!! (Nov 17th). I'm a guide within RNC and I like to bother Morgi and Darren in my spare time. I have a girlfriend of 7 months, Mya, who I never know when to stop talking about, and 3 cats, Jax, Zazz, and Finn, who I admire more than life itself. When Im not on RNC I'm usually sleeping or coloring ehehhe.. I love grilled cheese and making 3am spaghetti. I joined RNC in December 2017 and Its the first server to keep me around as I usually don't stay on servers for long. Feel free  to talk to me if you see me around, I don't bite too hard :((


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November 17, 2018 9:29 pm  

Pretty late, but hello anyways, I'm MooseKat, a guide here on RnC. I've been playing on Ranch n' Craft since September 2017, and I absolutely adore it here, with all the amazing players and staff. I like drawing, hanging out with some friends, goofing off, and not much else, as I'm really not that interesting :') I live in Southeast Asia, with similar timezones to the Aussie gang. I don't play many other video games, and I have horrid time management and self control. If ya see me around, just say hi! It’s always a pleasure to meet any and every one of you 😀

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November 19, 2018 11:13 pm  

Haha also late to the party.

Hi everyone, I'm Minzelley, previously Biminy. I've been on RnC for 3 yrs now, anniversary was a few days ago. I did take a brief break the last 9 mo or so, only logging in a few times a month. But I'm back now, hopefully for good! In-game I have a handful of horses, favorite 3 being Honeydukes, Flitterby, and Toblerone. 

In real life, I ride and am a senior in high school. I event and have competed up to novice level. My family owns 4 horses; I work with 2 of them regularly. One is a 7 yr old OTTB mare named Opal and the other (newest edition to our farm) is Ginny, a 6 yr old OTTB mare. I have an aussie puppy named Mica and two other family dogs n some kitties. Quite busy with school and finals are coming up in the next few weeks. 

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November 24, 2018 5:06 am  

I'm late, but who cares!

Hiya, my name is Alicorn, but call me Ali! I joined RnC on the 2nd of September 2017, I love RnC with part of my non-existent heart! I have many horses on RnC my fave being Hybrid Eclipse!

Onto my real life info! At the moment I'm 12, but very soon turning 13 on the 30th November, I can't wait! On my birthday I usually get a lot of real life money, so you can guess what I'm gonna spend that on, of course, the RnC store! In school, I'm in year 8 and not very smart. I love to draw, animals especially, but I also draw humans in an anime art style that Moosey (MooseKat) taught me. I also have some pets, a kitty and a doggo, my kitty is called Comet and he's a fully black little demon who loves to bite people, my other pet is Marley my doggo! He's a cross breed doggo with fluffy fur! I live in Manchester and I have no horses, I would love one though!

Back onto RnC, I have a ton of horses, most of the low stats, but I love them all! My best friend is Moosey and we're birthday twins! Same age same interests, she's a great lil guide and I love her so much! I was guided by Leo, and she was a guide when she did so, now she's an admin! RnC is my fave server and I love it and the members with it! If ya see me say hi, I'm always looking for new friends to bother!

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January 4, 2019 6:19 am  

Punctual like usual XD! My name is South and I'm one of the guides on RnC! I joined Ranch 'n Craft in 2017 and have been hooked since; I am a student and am very academic focused. On top of my academics I love music, playing instruments and listening to it. Classic, heavy rock, P!ATD and musicals are my absolute favorite. When I am not busy with random bits and bobs I am mastering the art of sarcasm or messing around with my drawings

I've always loved horses however my unhealthy obsession started when I visited my uncle's safari lodge and met George, the camera muncher, Mercedes chomper and window eater. He seriously had an ambition to eat absolutely everything in sight, although he was brilliant. George was broken however he was off limits when it came to riding. I actually only  rode a horse for the first time recently, after we moved to Scotland from South Africa. I remember being the only one George allowed near him so I had to job of putting a bridle on him so we could move him to the other property even though I had no idea what a bridle even was. Thanks to George I now work at some stables in our area and now know what a bridle is. 

If you see me on RnC just shout, I'd love to chat! And I only bite when I've skipped breakfast.


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January 6, 2019 5:45 pm  

hi! my name's makay, I've played on this server for over two years i believe, I lost track lol. I dont play it as much as I used to but I get on very occasionally. I used to talk and help people a lot on the server but im very quiet and keep to myself now, but if you see me on feel free to say hi 🙂 this is my favorite server ever and it's what got me into loving to ride horses in real life. I met so many of my online friends because of this server and im very grateful for it :D! outside of rnc im a 15 year old artist, I draw and post my art on my instagram (@acidotic.squirrel) you can go see it if you'd like c: I guess thats all I have to say aha <3

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January 19, 2019 8:23 pm  

Hey there!

My name is Sonnet, or Son/Sonny.  I've been playing since the server started, or at least a few months after it did (I can't remember to save my life).  My favorite horse is Divine Dreams, a handsome chestnut stallion.  And my stable on 2.0 was "Sonnet's Sleepy Stables" and I hope to continue it on 3.0.

I'm from a very, very small town in western NY.  I'm a 20 year old junior college student who is just trying to survive the next year and a half.  I am studying English, and my minors are creative writing and journalism.  I want to be a novelist when I am older, and yes, I have written some stuff but I promise it's not that good lol!

Unfortunately I don't own any horses in real life, because I am allergic to them.  But they are my favorite animal and I have been in love with them since I first watched Spirit and Two Bits and Pepper.  I also have quite the collection of Breyer model horses, which kinda makes up for it?  I also play horse related games like Howrse and Star Stable Online.  And I have so many horse movies. 

I'm quite shy and quiet so if you see me in-game just say hi.  I love making new friends, and helping others.  If you have any questions or just want to chat, just send me a small message! 🙂


(And I am so late on this, rip).

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February 14, 2019 11:35 pm  


I am only writing this because I wanna have the world record for latest response to a forum post xD ( none of you probably care about me ;-; )

Hi im ateyou or ate and im from Australia and I love Vegemite (fite me) and collecting succulents ( and killing them) 

I love reading manga and my favourite right now is one called assassination classroom 

I started playing rnc around 1 and a half years ago 

( wow look at that I have a world record now)

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