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Okay because people ask on a regular basis this is a link to Mnecraft Color Codes click here.

The color codes are for nicknames at /permshop that can be purchased for 1,000 (1K) in game currency and for use on colored text on signs.

How to use the color codes:


So to add colors you will need to do the following.

  1. The & symbol
  2. Next is the color chosen, I have selected light purple which is d on the color code list
  3. Then it is the 1st letter of the name H
  4. When it is typed it should look like this: &dH
  5. With the 1st letter completed you then move to the next letter, each letter will be done exactly the same: & color code letter
  6. You can choose only 1 color per letter or if you want to have only 1 color for multiple letters in a row then it would be: &dHello and then pick another color for the other half: &5Kitty. Making it look like: &dHello&5Kitty . So the 1st half of the name would be in light purple and the 2nd half in dark purple.
  7. Each time you use /permshop nicknames it does cost 1,000 (1K) in game money so if you mess it up you can easily make money by typing /jobs browse then /jobs select (job name). You can have up to 3 jobs and if you do them and earn higher levels in them you can make a few thousand in under 10-30 minutes. To switch jobs type /jobs leave (job name) and then re-select a new job.

Click here to open a link to just about all the Minecraft Crafting Recipes. Just use your mouse to scroll over the item you wish to craft and it will display at the top how to make it and with what materials.

Also this linked site has many many more uses to other crafting help so browse through it. If you find something you are unsure if it's allowed or not on RNC then PLEASE ask a staff member before doing it as its better to be safe than sorry. I hope that this has helped you and given you a place to come up with new fun ideas to add to your builds.


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