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RnC Resource Pack (Custom textures)  


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February 26, 2019 6:21 pm  

We have some talented people here on Ranch n Craft and they like RnC so much they are kind enough to create custom textures. We are putting them together in our resource pack that can be downloaded from store.ranchncraft.com (for Free) but even easier- your client can auto-download them for you. Here is a short guide to help you do that:

  1. If you have not added RNC to your server list click add, otherwise click edit:
  2. Enter the name you want displayed, and the IP ( or mc.ranchncraft.com )
  3. You can change the options for server resource pack to Enable, Prompt, or Disabled.
    Enabled will give you the latest changes automatically without having to do a thing. 
    Prompt will ask you each time you connect and are not using it if you would like to.
    Choose Disable if you have your own pack and/or do not want to be bothered each time you connect.

Images below for your reference and if you have created any textures please post them here. We love to see what our players create! 

As always, Have Fun and I'll see you 'round the ranch. <3 



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