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The Vineyard is looking for donations  


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January 11, 2019 7:06 am  

Hey everyone so many know on 2.0 I owned a stable called The Vineyard. Well I'm looking to rebuild the stable and I can't do that without supplies. So please if you have any extra supplies you don't want or were just out mining for money then please donate!  Mail ElegantArabians in game or message Pegasus. Anyways here's the list of what we need, I've broken it down into sections on what the item falls under.
-Oak Logs
-Birch fences & gates
-Oak Fences & gates
-Spruce Slabs
-Stone (Slabs or Blocks)
-Stone Bricks (slabs or blocks)
-Smooth Andesite
-Quartz (slabs, pillars, chiseled, blocks)
-Non-stained Terracotta
-Bricks (blocks or bricks)
-Flower Pots
-White Stained Glass (Panes or Blocks)
Ores (to help our employees get materials):
If an item is italicized that means we have all we need of that item, if it is underlined it means we desperately need more. Thank you everyone that has and will donate it means the world to us!


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January 12, 2019 10:57 am  

We desperately also need volunteers for the vineyard.


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