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Player Support Update  


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23/10/2018 2:01 pm  

Please note that from now on we ask that you direct any needed help/support to the  #ranch-n-help channel in the Ranch n Craft discord. We will no longer be taking support calls on Tawk. If you are not registered on discord or aren't able too, don't fret! Outside users can still access this through the website; if you scroll down to the bottom there's a "help" button which will let you connect through the browser. Just sign in with a Guest Account and you're set. Thank you!

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24/10/2018 8:09 am  

This will be useful, it will definitely help if someone has had an issue that has been a problem previously and they can just scroll back to find the solution.

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27/10/2018 4:20 pm  

Also:  You can use the search bar in the Discord channels to find answers on a topic if need be!  



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