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Dev change log for Jan 24  


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24/01/2019 2:19 pm  

Hello. I hope January has been good to all of you. It has been crazy but also good to me. Thank you all so very much for the donations on the store this month! We are close to having another double global booster (as of writing this).  There have not been any major changes this week but a lot of minor code changes and also focusing on 3.1 update and planning RnC's 4th Anniversary party! Expect lots of events the week of Feb 15th.

As far as updates since the last post:

  • Fixed spam from expired leases.
  • Fixed spam about dead horse.
  • A few changes in the vote crates, in particular the Mystic. There were some low value items in there that were removed and we added a few things to help you in the new world (Enderchest anyone?) 

Have a great weekend y'all! (Yea I'm early but otherwise I'll forget  😊 ) See you soon. 

EDIT: I'm told death spam messages are still happening.

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