Double Updates?!

Double Updates?!  


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26/01/2019 4:58 pm  

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. I will be out of town for the next 3 days so I've been working extra hard for yall 😉 

  1. We have new custom recipes for you:
    1. Iron, Gold and Diamond horse armor can be crafted as follows using the appropriate material:  (Key: o=air D=Diamond S=Saddle L=Leather)
      • oDD
      • DSL
      • DLD
    2. Quartz blocks can now be chiseled back down to crystals. 
    3. In case you missed the other announcement Saddles are also craftable now: (L=Leather I=Iron ingot)
      • LLL
      • LLL
      • IoI
  2. Breeding mythical horses will now pick a trait from a non-mythical parent, or in the case of duel mythical parents, a random trait will be chosen.
  3. Lunge leads have been changed so they will auto-equip if you click on a horse, and provide a message about how to use the lunge stick. 
  4. HDb update - A new category has been added to the HDb - Online Players
  5. 109 more heads have been added:

In case you are unaware RnC's anniversary is Feb 15th, so expect even more fun than usual! <3
Happy horsing around - see you all next Month! 



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