New discovery and p...

New discovery and performance updates  


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13/06/2019 6:49 pm  

Hey all! I have been working on a new plugin - PetManager. It is still a work in progress but to go along with it I am trying to teach parrots to breed in captivity. Since Minecraft parrots have never been witnessed breeding outside of the wild - yet. *However* there was a recent discovery of a rare **Parrot Egg** which you can see at /warp vet. You can come get one until the end of the the month. There is a chance that it will hatch a parrot and you can get more from the vote crates (Special surprise in the Mystic Crate). :yellow_heart:

We have also been working on some performance enhancements for 3.0. Hopefully your Ranch N Craft experience starts feeling smoother.

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