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New Year - New Plugin  


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12/01/2019 7:17 pm  

Happy New Year ranchers! Lots of things happening recently with the opening of our new world running RPG Horse 3.0! I'm not even sure I can remember all of them but here's the rundown of what I can think of:

  • We bring to you this new year a new shopping experience. ShopChest is our new plugin which has a sign-free interface. It is all done with command. First place a chest, then hold the item you wish to sell. Type a command and shift right-click the chest. It is especially important to remember the shift is trying to sell an item that could be activated (for example: spawn egg, xp booster).
    The command format is: /shop create <amount to buy/sell> <price to sell> <price to buy>
    If you are holding a hay bale and type: /shop create 8 1000 0 then right click the chest it will create a shop that sells 8 bales for $1,000 and does not buy any. You can also create a buy chest with /shop create 1 0 100 to buy 1 <item> at $100 ea.
    If you need to remove a shop chest simply do /shop remove and click the chest.

Some changes that have already been applied may or may not have affected your game play:

  • Hostile mob spawning rate has been reduced. 
  • Grief Prevention is again being used but the tools have been changed to a wooden shovel for claiming and a feather for claim investigation. We found using the stick spammed chat when trying to lunge 🙂 

There are few issues with the HorseRPG 3.0 as we are in open beta.

  • We are aware that XP boosters for horses are not currently working. Please do not try to use them. We are working hard to get them implemented.
  • Lunge leads can not be attached to non-horse mobs but I have reports of accidentally attaching them to a horse and it reverting to regular lead or being lost completely.
  • /Titles needs some re-writing before it will work with this server. 
  • HDb tokens from the /horse shop are not being honored by the heads database.

To celebrate opening and to make up for mcMMO being down part of the week, we are having an mcMMO 2x XP weekend. I'm sorry this wasn't announced earlier. The idea came at the last minute. Hope you enjoy it. See you 'round the ranch partner!

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