Spookey updates

Spookey updates  


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October 31, 2018 3:25 am  

Hi friends! It has been busy with 3.0 updates and Halloween events - real life and online ^_^ But that does not mean we have not been working on new features for you.

I'm very excited to announce that the Friends plugin is now active. You can make a friends list (/f to see commands) and you will see when they join even if you are on a different server (RanchZ) as well as PM across servers. Our heads database (/hdb) had 130 new heads added today bringing the total to 19175 heads in the database. You can donate for tokens on store.ranchncraft.com - you can also buy them with vote points (/vote gui to check your points /vote shop to spend them). Speaking of vote rewards, the expected rewards are 1 vote key, and $100 on each site, double for TopG and triple for MC-Servers. (11 keys for all sites). You should also get a vote2 for all sites 1x a day and a mystic key if you vote 5 days in a row. You also get 1 vote point per vote. If you find you are not getting the correct rewards, please message me (or any staff member) - The config for the voting plugin is a bit tricky so I am still working to get it dialed in.
Some other minor changes this week include a boss bar announcement system. It will not be on all the time, just special occasions and important announcements. We also have a fancy new message on the client server list.

I hope you all have a fun & safe Halloween. <3

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