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December 3, 2018 2:10 am  

Howdy yall!
We have some fun things for you that I am excited to share.

December is upon us and we have Advent gifts for you daily until Christmas. Come to /spawn and look left under the tree.

I'm just an amature minecraft meteorologist but I predict that we are done with new snowfall in most biomes. Still might find some at higher elevations or in cold regions. It is still cold enough it probably won't melt just yet but if you are sick of snow you can use torches or glowstones to give Mother Nature a helping hand speeding Spring's arrival.

Another change is the 'last seen' plugin is no longer with us but you can use /seen. If the name is not recognized /userhistory <ign> will show past and current names.

Finally this week we are trying out a plugin called HealthBar - It shows your current <3 above your head. It is intended to be used for jousting or PvP events and it may or may not be on all the time. As always if you have any feedback on this we want to hear it!

Have a Lovely December and I'll see you in game!
-=- Magnum -=-

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