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Breeding to offline horses | AI?  


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February 27, 2019 3:33 pm  

Have you ever wanted to breed to a specific color/breed/trait of horse and waited for days for someone that has one off cooldown to come online? Well, probably not if you're Trev, but as for the rest of us we understand the agonizing pain of seeing people at shows with the /perfect/ horse - It's the same one you see in all of your dreams. Sometimes, you may even hallucinate that your sooty chestnut is actually a pure white, only to be awakened by reality when some booty of a player says "Ugh, who entered this ugly horse in the coat comp? Surely they didn't think /this/ would win." Some of us may have even attempted to steal their dream horse. (Not me, I swear.) I believe I have a realistic solution, although it may require a bit (or a lot a bit) of coding. In real life AI, and even embryo transfers, are fairly common occurrences in the professional industry. But it's also big bucks. So my idea is this. When your horse becomes available to breed (no longer on cooldown) you would have an option to have an egg/semen collected and stored in a shop of sorts - maybe at the vets office when that is implemented? You would have to pay a fee to store the semen/egg in their facility and the purchaser (The person on the other end wishing to breed with the stallion/mare) would also have to pay a fee either for AI or embryo transfer. I believe it should be fairly expensive to do this as to keep the rarity of certain coats/breeds/traits and also to keep it as realistic as possible. This would provide an opportunity for players who don't wish to wait or who are on at odd hours to be able to breed their dream horse, albeit at a very high cost.

What do you guys think? Obviously I understand it wouldn't happen overnight, but maybe in a far future update?

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March 1, 2019 7:10 pm  

We could possibly do something similar. Only issue with this is how complex it is and that players may not understand, even with the current features some people are finding it hard to get their head around, ofc we could definitely water it down¬† 😉¬†

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