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22/02/2019 9:35 am  

Hey Y'all, it's been a while since you all heard from me. Some may remember me, some may not. I hope we can leave everything in the past and start fresh. I am Fan, Fana Fano whatever you want to call me and I have a suggestion for everyone that I once made on the old forums, and it got alot of positive feedback back then, so now we are growing I'd like to suggest it again.


Horse Clubs 2.0

How would this work? That's exactly what I am going to explain.

Horse clubs is a concept that offers a new world to the original RnC servers. The world is based around 6 Clubs. All come with different architecture, benefits and names*. These clubs shall be joinable when you enter the world. All clubs work with a ranking system that automaticly levels you up when doing something or competing in a certain competition from the club. Each level comes with new benefits.

-An example of ranks and benefits would be:

-Trainee [1 Horse, max swiftness:20]



-HorseRider [4 horses, max swiftness= 100]

-Advanced Horse Rider

-HC Leader (Horse Club leader)

These clubs will have events happening where everyone can earn points to rank up and earn prices like ribbons and money. Now, the club you are apart of can upgrade their barn by competing in International Competitions, where the club wins money. [e.g: Club x wins 100k for second place in hunter]

this money will go to a fund that only the horse club leader can acces. With this money they may purchase new things for the club, such as a new trail, or perhaps new stables. This is needed due to there being a limited places in the club aslong as they wont invest in new housing. So the clubs money can be invested in new stables, new trails, new housing. All to make the club a better place to have more members, and make it easier to level up and get more money so you can compete with the other clubs.

There may only be one HC leader, altough they may have a board or do polling on what their member wants to see from the barn to improve. Whenever this HC leader is inactive for a certain amount of weeks, or someone passes this leader in points (Which you get trough competing in events from your club etc) A new HC leader will be set in place. (The person with the most points within the club)

All these 6 clubs will have housing for their members etc, but are not able to provide saddles and other needed items for the members.TO purchase these items they would have to go to the City. ( Accessible for all clubs)  In the City there will be various shops such as Saddle Shops, Helmet shops , food shops and even decoration shops for the housing.

In the city there are various saddle shops, with different price categories. This is due to the brand of a saddle that ur horse wears. ( It doesn't affect riding ur horse but aye.. who doesn't want a nice brand saddle or riding helmet?) [These items would be custom made with descriptions etc to prevent faking of the items.] And the same goes with all other shops found it town. When winning a international competition, your club members may get 20% off at certain shops as price for winning.

I hope this sums up all the ideas going trough my head again and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them!

I certainly love the idea of being able to do custom trails at a barn in a modern architecture and have my own housing that I can decorate there. then going into the city to purchase a new saddle for my horse with some special custom food? I really think this would be amazing!

Let me know what you think!

-Greetings from Fana



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22/02/2019 9:55 am  

Very well written! I really like some of the ideas and we will definitely take this into consideration when we get to that aspect of the plugin. 


Thank you you for taking the time to come up with all the ideas and type it out.  😀 


Oh, and who are you?  😜 


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12/03/2019 1:08 pm  

I don't know either Trev 😜 


Some problem causing kid called Fan or sumthing.. :PP


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