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Pet/Animal Suggestion  


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09/02/2019 2:28 pm  

So just a quick suggestion that when we get /givepet, there's another command/plugin where you can sell or buy farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, etc. I think it'd be really beneficial with everybody always need supplies like wool but not having any sheep or needing food. It's also pretty hard when it gets built up or when people kill animals cause you can't always find these animals.

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09/02/2019 10:34 pm  

There was a pet plugin in the making for selling pets like cats, dogs, parrots, and those type, however, it appears to be on the back burner as we're currently trying to get the horse plugin bug free and have more features. 

With farm animals - as they don't really claim under you (unless you claim the land), /pay and then leading the animals outside of your claim to that person who bought them who then can transfer them home is probably the best option (and usually the most common one users use). Though, that doesn't stop people from killing them as ya said.


Currently, this isn't our main worry on the server though once we've knocked out a few main issues we'll be able to look more into it!

Thanks for the suggestion though! 😀

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