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24/01/2019 11:24 am  

Hey! So I've seen this been brought up in-game a lot and I have a few ideas of possible perks, I know not all of them will be possible however just want to get them all out there to be considered. 

1) Breed related perk, so one of the big things is that once your horse is registered you can't change their name or breed. This is just a personal idea however I think of registered horses as the pedigrees due to this. The suggestion is that your horse will be able to learn certain areas faster due to their breed. So if that horse breed is known for it's obedience it would level up in Groundwork quicker. If the breed is known worldwide for their agility then maybe jumping training could go faster?

2) Sorta like a knock-off of /h top, so you'd just type in a command like /h registered and it'll open a screen similar to /h list with all the horses (whom are registered server-wide) icons, stats and owners. I just think this would be a cute little edition and would encourage people to register horses! 

3) Using the idea again that the registered horses are very prestigious, if they have a negative trait (eg like my registered horse Summer whose a bad learner) with enough groundwork training they'd be able to get a better one. Using my example of Summer when she gets to 50gw maybe her trait will change to "Average learner" (I know more traits are being added in 3.1 so maybe this could be implemented with that?) and then when 100gw she'd get the "Good learner" trait. This will make more people not just discard horses with bad traits and would once again encourage them to register. I just think this would set them apart.

4) Family crests! This would just be adorable and just be so amazing. As this is super intricate though even like 5 different divisions of horse family would be cool! (or 4 if you wanted to make them Harry Potter themed!) 

5) Coloured names, similar to the family crest idea we need to let everyone know at a first glance that this horse is registered. There could be like a /permshop for registered horses (costing 10k+ so the same as a name changer encase people try to cheat the system by using it as a simple name change) or there could be like a set colour for geldings, mares and stallions! If the family crest idea is implemented maybe they could have a set colour pattern per family? 

6) As I've heard 3.1 is vet focused it wouldn't be fair to not finish this off with something off that topic. This is however also building off the family chrest idea. I don't know how registered breeding will work, so the foal of two registered parents (not sure if you'll need to register the foal for it to be considered registered) the family crest would be hidden and you'd need to take your horse to a vet to find it out. 

I know some of these ideas are rubbish and not able to be added however just wanted to put them all out there to be considered. Thank you for reading. South <3 

PS- If you guys have any ideas of what could be added please just comment with them! I'm so excited for registering to be updated and would like to hear your opinions on it too! 


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24/01/2019 11:49 pm  

I love all of your ideas you have here!
I was excited for registering to though I'm waiting to change my horse's breed before I do xD.

Any who I'm not sure how breeding works or registered breeding works Yet.
But it would make breeding a lot more useful if the foals get 25% to 50% of their parents stats maybe have non registered parents have foals get 25% of their stats and Registered get 50%?
Though that being said Groundwork would be at 0% or 10% as that's something you need to teach a horse.


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