week long training/...

week long training/horse holidays 2 spots available  


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September 22, 2019 2:59 am  

Im offering up to a week long training sessions.

How it works is if your interested send me (Horsefreak3) a mail saying what your horses current stats are and when we're both online you can "lease" the horse to me for up to a week in which i will record the horses progress and at the end you can pay me back the amount owed.

Rough priceings are as followed:

0-10 --> 500 per level

10-20 --> 1000

20-30 --> 2000

30 - 50 --> 3500

50+ --> 4000 (highly unlikely i will have time to do many levels)


thanks and i hope some of you are interested 🙂


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