General Rules


  • No Hacks. You are not allowed to use any hacks of any kind. Mods are allowed as long as they only affect YOUR gameplay, are not a threat to the server and do not give you any unfair advantages/items/etc. Examples of approved mods are Shaders or Optifine. Examples of unapproved mods are autojoin or underground minimaps.

  • Do not take advantages of glitches. This is considered cheating and will be punished as so. Please report any glitches you find immediately and privately to a staff member. If you tell/show the server about the glitch, that is breaking the rules, and you will be punished.

  • You may not use alts to give your main account advantages. Examples of advantages include first-join kits and Quest World prizes.

  • No auto-farms. 

  • NO mob grinders, xp farms or spawners. This includes anything that forces mobs to spawn, automatically kills mobs that have spawned, or moves them to a more convenient spot to be killed. if you have a natural spawner, no changes should be made to the area to encourage spawn rate, or means of killing spawned mobs…  If you encounter a natural spawner, no changes should be made to the area to encourage spawn rate, or means of killing spawned mobs.

  • No 1×1 towers. They are unnecessary and annoying. This rule is wavied only when in the Nether. Due to, those without fly are able to reach places for resources that are otherwise unobtainable without it. We ask that you be mindful and remove them when finished.

  • You are only allowed to have 15 of each animal type (excluding claimed horses.) The same rule applies to all ranks.

  • Users are responsible for their own account. This means that we will not accept the “it was my brother/sister/mother/father/dog/hacker/ect” as an excuse for breaking any/all rules.

  • Have Fun!