General Rules

These rules pertain to builds, non-RPGHorse mobs, and general gameplay on RnC.


  • No hacks or mods of any kind, with the exception of Optifine.
    Hacks and mods are not allowed on RnC as they can give you unfair advantages over other players.


  • Do not take advantage of glitches.
    Using glitches for any reason is considered cheating. Telling or showing other players glitches is not tolerated. Please report any glitches you find immediately and privately to a staff member.


  • You may not use alternate accounts to give your main account advantages.
    Advantages can be anything from first-join kits, horses, to event prizes and everything in between.


  • No auto-farms.
    Any farm that breaks, collects, and places items into a chest without any action of the player is considered an auto-farm. Farms using redstone should have an on/off switch that should be switched off when not in use. Minecarts and rails should never be used to keep a device running when you are out of the chunk. If you are unsure if a build is considered an auto-farm, consult a mod+.


  • No mob grinders or XP farms.
    This includes any build that forces mobs to spawn, automatically kills or damages mobs that have spawned, or moves them to a more convenient spot to be killed. This also includes any modifications to naturally occurring mob spawners that prevents a player from being injured by the mobs, automatically kills or damages mobs, collects them in a convenient spot to be killed, or encourages spawn rate.


  • Do not build 1×1 or similar towers.
    These are vertical structures that have no clear purpose, they are unnecessary and annoying. This rule does not apply to posts that are obviously marking the outline of a building in progress. This rule is waived in the nether to allow players without fly to reach resources that may be otherwise unobtainable.


  • Each player may only have 15 of each mob type (excluding claimed RPGHorses).
    This rule applies to all ranks. Fish count as one animal type (not 15 cod, 15 salmon, etc). If you are sharing an area for your animals with another ACTIVE (online in the last 45 days) player, be sure to state this on a sign where it is visible so staff know that 15 belong to X and 15 belong to Y.


  • You are responsible for the actions of your own account.
    We will not accept the “it was my brother/sister/dog/friend/etc” as an excuse for breaking any rules.


  • No player owned/operated banks.
    Any form of a bank run by a player is not allowed. This can cause problems between users with money/items that can not be properly monitored or have adequate proof collected by staff to confirm any accusations against or from the bank owner.

  • No player-owned lottery/gambling machines of any kind.
    This includes but is not limited to machines that require payment of some form for a chance to win/lose.

  • No trolling/flaming
    This includes both structures built directly outside of others claims, and builds made to intentionally harass another player.


  • Any items or money obtained from hackers/exploiters must be turned-in to a staff member.
    In the event a user is taking advantage of an exploit, the situation will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by a staff member(s).


  • Respect other players and their property.
    Any form of name-calling, putting down, making fun of, disrespecting, stealing from, scamming/manipulating, or griefing land nearby or on claims with the intention of upsetting a player is not tolerated. This applies to both public and private chats, if staff receive screenshots from a player showing disrespectful messages from another player then we will handle the situation as if it were done in global chat.


  • Keep your claims a minimum of 1 chunk (16 blocks) away from the claims of other players.
    There is an exception to this rule if the player has given you permission to claim closer. Claiming chunks near to others claims with the intention of preventing them from claiming nearby areas or to allow you to steal from them violates this rule as well