General Rules


  • No Hacks. You are not allowed to use any hacks of any kind. Mods are allowed as long as they only affect YOUR gameplay, are not a threat to the server and do not give you any unfair advantages/items/etc. Examples of approved mods are Shaders or Optifine. Examples of unapproved mods are autojoin or underground minimaps.

  • Do not take advantages of glitches. This is considered cheating and will be punished as so. Please report any glitches you find immediately and privately to a staff member. If you tell/show the server about the glitch, that is breaking the rules, and you will be punished.

  • You may not use alts to give your main account advantages. Examples of advantages include first-join kits and Quest World prizes.

  • No auto-farms. 

  • NO mob grinders, xp farms or spawners. This includes anything that forces mobs to spawn, automatically kills mobs that have spawned, or moves them to a more convenient spot to be killed. if you have a natural spawner, no changes should be made to the area to encourage spawn rate, or means of killing spawned mobs…  If you encounter a natural spawner, no changes should be made to the area to encourage spawn rate, or means of killing spawned mobs.

  • No 1x1 towers. They are unnecessary and annoying.

  • You are only allowed to have a certain amount of each animal type (excluding claimed horses) according to your rank. Members get 10 and the number of animals increases by 5 for every rank after that.

    • Novice/Member: 10

    • VIP: 15

    • Premier: 20

    • Paramount: 25

    • Supreme: 30

    • Marvelous: 35

  • Users are responsible for their own account. This means that we will not accept the “it was my brother/sister/mother/father/dog/hacker/ect” as an excuse for breaking any/all rules.

  • Have Fun!

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